News from the Inland Empire

The Fateful Decision By The Blake Brothers


The Fateful Decision by The Blake Brothers

True and Dennis Blake were headed east from Seattle to the Village of Spokane Falls in 1881.  They had left their Maine farm in 1879 and ventured west to seek their destiny.  Arriving in...

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When the Lights Turned On


 From Darkness To Light

An exciting new invention has just been found - electricity.  Building an electric lighting plant is simple.  It consists of a dynamo spinning in the river current.  That wheel can light 12 arc lamps to be purchased for...

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Spokanes Finest Store


Shop at the Crescent Dept Store

The Most Complete inventory

The Finest Goods

The Highest Quality

The Best Bargians


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Famous Delmonicos


The best oysters 

this side of San Francisco

Fresh daily

hours 3-10pm

visit our oyster bar restaurant

Monday thru Saturday

1st Street in The Spokane Hotel

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Chance of a Lifetime


The richest mining area.

Has the most potential

The Slocan Syndicate is forming

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Doolittle stunts Stun the Crowd!


 Jimmy Doolittle is in Spokane.

Doolittle is the only person who has completed an “outside loop” as well as other death-defying aerial stunts.

“Doing the outside loop was experimental and a test of the plane.”

“Yes it is different from most stunts.”  “Few...

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Spokane's First Airfield - Parkwater


Parkwater Airfield

In 1886 F Lewis Clark bought 3/4ths of a section of land (480 acres) for $960 from the railroad.   He sold off 160 acres to farmers and kept 320 acres. 

Twenty years later in 1908 F Lewis Clark sold...

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Newspaperman asks fair play in assessments


Assessor "Soaks" Newspaper Spokesman Review

 August 1, 1906

Takes Revenge Because Newspaper Criticized Government

William Cowles, owner of the Review Publishing Company, claims the Spokane assessor has assessed him unfairly.  The taxes in 1906 have been arbitrarily raised from $1,000 to $200,000. ...

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