The new city limits Announced


City Almost Doubles In Size

March 1, 1890  

The city council met last night to consider extending the city limits.  The plan is to make it three and a half miles square.  A few councilmen wanted it expanded to four miles square.  Extending services to the greater area would require city services and some opposed that extra expense.  The population is now about 20,000 people.

They finally decided on a square bounded by Garland, Havana, 29th Avenue, and Ft Wright.

The legal description is:

Beginning at the point at the northwest corner of the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 of section 12, Township 25N, Range 42E and thence east to the northeast corner of the NW1/4 of Section 9, Township 25N, Range 43E, thence south to the southeast corner of the NW1/4 of , Section 28, Township 25N, Range 43E, thence to the southwest corner of NW1/4, Section 25, Township 25N, Range 42E, thence north to the place of beginning.

The actual result is agreed on.  It is to extend the city one half mile south, one mile east, one mile north, and half a mile west.  The city will still remain a square – three and a half miles in size now. 

The boundaries are being pushed out from its original two miles square size.  The approximate change is moving the old boundary at Freya, now to Havana on the east; Browne’s Addition now to Government Way and Ft Wright on the west; Montgomery now to Garland on the north; and from 14th Avenue now to 29th Avenue on the south.

During that time the town population has exploded - as follows:

1878   -  7 families in Spokane Falls 

1878 –200 people here JJ Brown arrives – recalls

1879 spring  -  35 families in Spokane Falls 

1880 – 100 families

June 1881 NPRR arrives – town has 350 people and 48 stores.

1881 – early months 300 people

1881 summer months - 525 people

1881 September - 700 people

Spring 1882 – 720 people

1883 – early spring – 800 people

May 1883 – 1,000 people -  mining rush explodes

October 1883 –5,000 people, many are miners

1884 – 2,500 people

Feb 1885 – 3,000 people  first Spokane Polk Directory

1886 – 4,000 people

1886 – Spokane County has 12,000 people

1887 – 7,000 people

1888 Jan 1888 – 8,000 people

1888 end of year – 12,000 people

1889 – 17,340 people – from Polk Directory

1890 – 19,922 people


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