The Majestic Cathedral Site Thrills


Inspiring Views Add to Beauty

The day was beautiful.  Not a storm cloud in sight.

Bishop Cross said:  "This site seems designed by God for such a church as we would build.  Something every citizen of Spokane can point to with pride as his church as well as ours.  This cathedral will be an advertisement to the world of our unswerving faith in building such a beautiful edifice."

One thousand people stood and/or sat at the dedication of the site of the proposed "Cathedral at the Top of The Hill" at a point fondly now called "Cathedral Heights".

The level lot is at the corner of Grand Boulevard and Sumner at 12th Avenue.   There is a carpet of pine needles and dried grasses about to be removed.   This is where a large crowd has gathered on September 21st, 1925 to be amazed at the very oversized plans to build such an incredible church.  A rock wall covered with moss encloses the site.

The alter will face west.

Within months a very old English Tudor church building is going to be erected on this extremely beautiful site which has incredible views.



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