Rearden Holds 4th Annual Mule Day Show


By far the largest crowd to ever gather in Rearden lined the Main Street to see the 4th Annual Mule Show.

A 10am welcoming speech was quickly followed by the festive parade and then the judging.

100 horses, mules, and colts were on display.  Art Linkster, professor of animal husbandry at Pullman, was the judge.  Most people didn't care who won.  They were there for the fun and to enjoy the simple outdoor events.

The Bucking Contest was held at noon.  It was the feature event of the day.  'Thunder' had thrown three of the best cowboy riders that day and the crowd was very excited.  'Pappy' was the favorite because he spun and spun, and the rider got dizzy.  Few completed their rides.

The day did have one small mishap.  Olaf Stevens' son chased a loose steer and got in the way of the riders.   He broke a leg.

The next event was the pulling match.     It was a brute strength contest.   2,500 pounds were piled on a sledge.  Most animals could not budge the cart.  The horses tugged and then tugged even harder.    Most simply gave up.  The crowd loved it!

The Free-For-All Trot followed. 

Horses were hooked to small carriages and raced around two city blocks - cutting corners.  They scaring the crowd, who was standing on the sidewalks.  This was considered the show-off ladies and gentlemans race.  Every cart had an elegantly dressed couple, mutually holding the reins.  It was the peacock event of the day.  These most attractive couples pranced around the course, showing of ftheir skills and looks.

Lastly there was the Slow Mule race. 

The stubbornest mule won by simply sitting down and refusing to budge.   'Backslider' was the easy winner.  He just planted his feet, and you definitely couldn't budge him.  When he sat down, he was dug in.   He reminded some of their spouses.

The day's fun cost little...The crowd enjoyed the free outdoor sun on a balmy summer day in June, 1908. 

And the best was the food....

Picnic baskets were stuffed full of treats.  Many went to sit under shady trees and stretch out on the grass.

It was an idealic day


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