News from the Inland Empire

The First “Talking Babies” Dolls


A new doll is being made by the Edison Electric Company in Orange, New Jersey.  They are making 50,000 dolls to delight the little folks.

The Edison Company is famous for it’s electricity – but making modern dolls is a whole...

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HELP I'm Going Over The Falls!


Last Saturday afternoon while Bill Nichols and Izzy Benham were engaged in fishing at the upper end of the Spokane River above town, they saw an Indian man and his woman with a small baby attempt to cross the swollen...

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Rockwood Addition


just came on market!

Rockwood is

The finest neighborhood

in Spokane

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Beyond This Door - Peek


 Beyond this door click and to go to entire database to search

Beyond his door click and go see the entire database behind this web site consisting of 133,276 lines of stories and millions of words to search.

And many more lines of stories to come in the future




Just click control>F to search the database and enterany word or words and then click "find all" to see the many stories you are interested in reading.

The database is in 5 columns in Excel so just move to the left to see the dates, etc.

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The Incredible Bakery


Fines pastries freshly made daily

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The New Road To Republic


The discovery of gold is about to happen

There is a new state road being built across the Colville Indian Reservation.

It goes over Sherman Pass.

Engineer Jim Noel has built the first 23 miles of road from Marcus on the Kettle River...

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A Strange Story of Deception


All through the early 1880's, the realtor who exclusively sold many of the  downtown railroad lots was LC Dillman.

He also had his hands in a lot of other land developments throughout Spokane, as seen in his ads.

A lot of his railroad land sales...

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 The Soul Survives Shouted Out the Doctor


A crowd gathered around Dr Camille Flammarion of the French Astronomical Society.

He stood on a dusty corner in 1882 at Riverside Avenue and told the crowd:

“I have studied a few hundred cases along purely scientific lines.”

“Apart from spiritual and religious...

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