News from the Inland Empire

pioneer Frank Moore went from fortune to bust


In the fall of 1879 newly arrived Frank Moore settled into the tiny village of Spokane Falls.   He was a 27 year old and very easy to be with.   Everyone liked him.

That first year only 100 people lived in the village...

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Saucer Track planned for cycles


Up to this time the competition among the young men was limited.  The early camaraderie was to join a volunteer fire hose company.   In 1884 Spokane formed two competing groups - Hose Company #1 and #2.   Which one you joined...

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Frank Bruno murder mystery plot deepens


Frank Bruno is now penniless.  The former "dive owner 's wife, Philamena, is said to have hiked his pile and cleaned him out. The high life led by the Tenderloin King is rumored to have caused the split.  Enraged Frank...

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Wedded Last Night – Brilliant Reception Follows


On a sparkling Christmas evening in December, 1891 at the beautiful and unique residence of KK Cutter, daughter Miss Laura Grace Cutter wed.   KK Cutter, famous architect, threw open his stunning home known as The Chalet to become the scene...

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Ether Sled Planned From Here to the Moon


Professor Pickering of Harvard came to town and delivered a scientific lecture to crowds of eager listeners.

The Auditorium Theater was filled to capacity.

The Professor said he had taken air samples way above the earth. They showed that there was actually...

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The Finest View Lots


Cora Avenue runs through the center from east to west and is 75 feet wide.

You can see the city and valley in every direction.

These are the most healthful and pleasant places to build a home in Spokane Falls.


Coming on the market September 25, 1887

Hurry!  They will sell fast!!

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First auto arrives in Spokane in 1899 - makes 50 mile drive


Horses were startled by the loud "putt putt" of the newfangled automobile that had just arrived in Spokane.   The loud car scared the horses.

The earliest automobile entered Spokane in 1899 and was owned by RC Boulter.

Or was it Dr Olmstead...

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Charlies Barber Shop


The finest shave

in town

Steam towels

Mustache Trimming


Scalp Massage

134 S Howard 

(across from the Poodle Dog Cafe)



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