News from the Inland Empire

Gin Pon Is To Hang


Alex Winston is his young defense attorney

Murder in the first degree

Gin Pon was charged with the murder of Lee Tong in a Chinese house on 1st Avenue six weeks ago.

The trial lasted 3 days and attracted much attention.

The jury rendered a...

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Crowds View New Review Bldg



The New Review Building

An Incredible New Building

"Look Mommy !"  called out 5 year old Derek to his mother as they climbed the five massive granite steps and walked into the new Review Building.

At the top of the steps, they were...

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92 Year Old Pioneer Tells Story


In 1857 AJ Miner ran a pack train.  He went from Walla Wall to Ft Steel in British Columbia, Canada. 

He frequently passed through the land where the city now stands.


Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1813, Mr Miner was a hulk...

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The Riding Preacher, Dream Davis


Fact or Fiction?

Did Heavenly Intervention Happen?

On July 22, 1884, a tall young man rode into the new gold mining town of Murray, dressed in a frock coat and arriving over the trail from Spokane. 

His appearance as a man of the...

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The Kicking Horse


Worthless animals bought for the city

One of the trivial controversies arose this week.  Serving in local government has its downsides. The excitement arose from the simple buying of four horses.   Nobody was happy with the way things turned out.  Perhaps...

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When The Mining Boon Ends


Kingston, Idaho – A Frontier Boom Town

Kingston is a typical frontier town, or really just a very small off-the-beaten track settlement.

This is the only way from the west to get to the mining claims in the Coeur D’alenes.  The other...

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An Elegant Spokane River Mansion


Going east on Mission Avenue - just before the Mission Bridge -you approach a road following the river.  Turn left and head 1,000 feet north on the west side of the river..

You have arrived.   That 20 acre parcel is...

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Abating A Nuisance


Chinese Wash House in Coeur d’Alene has to go.

In Coeur d’Alene City lives an old woman known as “Aunt Dalia”.  She owns considerable property.

Until this morning a building owned by Pat Flood and rented by a Chinese laundry has overlapped...

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